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Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, BUTI Yoga, Yoga for pregnancy, postpartum and for kids. In one word I would describe my yoga proposal as extremely dynamic. I love challenging asanas as I love performing them with almost no stillness. Everything is inspired by dance and other practices from pilates to fitness. My proposal is very wide, open to everybody and personalised.


All courses are taught in Italian, English and Spanish. On-line and on-site. One-to-one and groups.


I start teaching yoga in 2014. I’m a E-RYT 200 with over 2,000 hours of teaching experience. I’m specialised in Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Yoga for Pregnancy (with HypnoBithing®, Active Birth and elements of Bellydance) Postpartum and Yoga for kids. In 2017 I create two formats called Mamastè and Low Impact for diastasis rehab. In 2023 I get certified as BUTI Yoga instructor. BUTI Yoga is a HIIT based movement that combines Vinyasa Yoga, plyometrics cardio dance and primal movement, muscular pulsations and spiral structure technique where classes are accompanied by music.


I work with everybody regardless background or gender and propose classes for every level of experience and intensity.


I devote great attention to the physical correction of chronic situations such as cervical problems, pubic symphysis, pelvic floor dysfunction and abdominal diastasis, to which I give big space through a specific program for its correction.


Read more about my Yoga courses at the link below.


Abdominal diastasis is a very common problem, not only in the postpartum period, but it is a condition that can persist for years and can even worsen if not taken into account. A diastasis can go far beyond the aesthetic issue of a protruding belly and can lead to chronic pelvic floor, bladder and back problems. 


Together, we can assess the presence of diastasis recti with the help of sophisticated equipment that is able to detect, in severe cases, also pelvic floor and/or bladder dysfunction.


Later on, a program for the correction of abdominal diastasis that is closest to the patient's condition and needs will be established. An effective and innovative program that works not only from the inside to the outside through various techniques and specific exercises, but also from the outside to the inside taking into account surprising food tips and some practical and simple beauty suggestions. The 360° spiral technique is the framework of this program of proven efficacy.


My consultancies are personalised, I follow patients through  their journey individually or in groups, evaluating improvements every eight weeks.




A class completely dedicated to the birthing process to be possibly shared with those who accompany the person in labour. The workshop is mainly theoretical and lasts about 2 hours. The main contents are: basics from the Active Birth school and HypnoBirthing® method.


The Active Birth method encourages to use instinctive upright birthing positions, facilitates natural hormonal responses during labour and empowers to make your own choices about your childbirth.

During the course we will lay the foundations for a strong sense of accomplishment and empowerment that will guide participant(s) through the best possible experience. 

The Baby massage part is offered separately. The different phases of this practice will be shown and explained, and there will be space for questions and answers. 

Read more about it at the link below.

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