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My proposal is not only about the physical framework: if you are ready to work on more subtle levels,  I am available to guide you through your personal (re)discovery of your higher self using a variety of holistic practices


In a holistic approach to health, the aim is to restore balance within the individual. It includes not only the physical body and its functions, but also considers the mind. It considers the health of our thoughts and emotions, which significantly influence a person's health and well-being.


Iridology is a gentle and non-invasive way of studying the colour, pigmentations and structure of the iris, as these relate genetically to our body's psychosomatic strengths and weaknesses. Iridology allows us to analyse the person by observing their weaknesses, attitudes, metabolic overloads, distinguishing genotypic from phenotypic tendencies, the balance of the autonomic nervous system and any traumas that may have occurred over time.


Every cell in the body is reflected through the nervous system to the brain and optic nerves. It is therefore possible to analyse the strengths, weaknesses and toxicity levels of the body in relation to its specific areas. Through iris analysis, areas of the body that lack vitality due to, for example, genetic predispositions can be determined and supported by developing a specific holistic design together.


I offer scientific and analogical iris readings through the use of an iriscope. The iris reading can also be performed remotely, although with some limitations.

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Human Design is based on a system that decodes the imprint recorded in the genes at birth, thus revealing conscious and unconscious behavioural mechanics. The resulting chart can be used as a “map” to recognise the basic mechanisms that operate in our lives, such as mind, emotions, heart, instinct, adrenalin and ego.


It is a powerful tool for self-knowledge that allows you to be your own guide. At the same time, Human Design is also of great help in raising children and in relationships of all kinds. With the use of computer technology and a binary system extracted from the I-ching of the Chinese tradition, birth data are filtered by a universal matrix (or hexagram wheel). What emerges is a sequence of numbers that is then transferred to a map of the body known as the Graphic Body of the Rave, a pattern formed by nine Centres.


 I offer the reading of your Human design chart with a detailed explanation about your type and strategy, your profile, the nine centers, your definition, your activated gates and relevant channels. I also offer readings for family members, especially for kids/parents and for couples/people in different kind of relationships creating a connection chart to define trigger points, harmony points and energies in between. In my readings the focus is on practicality: I help you to find practical solutions for a more successful life and to improve your relationships


Cacao, the food of the gods, has been known since ancient times to be able to help our hearts open up and let go of what no longer belongs to us or serves us. The spirit of cacao gently accompanies us through emotional processes, giving us a boost where it is needed. It promotes connection with our true essence and with others, stimulates creativity, intuition, the ability to express ourselves through art and the (re)discovery of our hidden abilities and talents. 


Cacao is believed to have the power to reveal and unlock the secrets of the soul, unveiling and sustaining our ultimate truth in a loving, immediate and lasting way, giving us the opportunity to live a life within which we are finally able to consciously attract and manifest what we hold most dear. 


Pure, unfermented cacao opens the heart and helps bring about a deeper, more authentic loving connection with ourselves, life and the world around us. Feelings of unification, enlightenment and ecstasy that are unlocked and released during a ceremony lead to more awareness and power of manifestation in our lives. 



The Red Tent is inspired by ancient traditions in which women gathered in an intimate and protected place to mark and honour the cyclical rhythm of their bodies, in accordance with the rhythm of the moon and the seasons, as well as to celebrate important rites of passage (birth, menarche, menopause, marriage, death...). 


The Red Tent is made up of the women who get together in it. At each meeting, there is food for thought and discussion, workshops in motion, shamanic group journeys, rituals, womb meditations and much more. Birthdays, hen parties, births and ceremonies of various kinds are celebrated, such as the Blessingway dedicated to honouring, protecting and giving vital energy to the passage to motherhood, celebrating the sacredness of pregnancy and childbirth.

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