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I started my career as a dancer and performer. Everything I do and offer is therefore influenced by creativity and music. Giving expression to emotions, finding the beauty in the expression of one, creating energy and letting it flow in an organic way inside and outside the body is the most powerful medicine to me. 


All courses are taught in Italian, English and Spanish. On-line and on-site. One-to-one and groups.



Tribal Fusion has its roots in Bellydance and is nourished by the fusion with other dances such as flamenco, Indian, Balinese and African dances, contemporary dance, popping and other disciplines including yoga. What most characterises Tribal Fusion is the layering technique, which consists of extreme control of muscle contractions. By exercising the isolations of the different parts of the body, one can then go on to work on the stratification of them also in polyrhythm. In this way, the dance becomes a literal expression of the music.


Tribal Fusion is extremely fascinating. There is a lot of study and training behind its performance and dance interpretation. Therefore, my classes integrate choreography and dance sequences with a lot of technique, strengthening, flexibility, study of posture and lines, musicality, presence, expressiveness and yoga. Yoga, in particular, is for me one of the trainings that best prepares for dance, working on muscles, balance, breathing and discipline. 


My Tribal Fusion courses start with Total Beginners and go all the way up to the Tribal Project collective, where contemporary dance, floor work, exploration, co-creation and creativity reach the peak of my proposal.


The practice of Tribal Fusion is therefore not just a dance class, but a true path of awareness that unites mind, body and soul with the sacredness of womanhood. As such, the study of Tribal Fusion requires patience, passion and dedication. 


The ancient art of Bellydance is based on natural and organic movements that we can find at the basis of all creation. Circles, spirals, symbols of infinity, are all forms that we find at the root of creation and Sacred Geometry.  With an emphasis on (re)connection and acceptance of the self, communication through the body and the celebration of it, my Bellydance classes are dedicated to all those interested in exploring Dance as a holistic practice and meditation in movement. 


In particular, I dedicate Bellydance classes to pregnant women. This dance, with its soft, sinuous movements, works mainly on the back, pelvic floor and abdomen, making it a perfect activity in preparation not only for childbirth but also for the subsequent postpartum recovery. 


Bellydancing during pregnancy is helpful in alleviating symptoms such as back pain, intercostal pain and heartburn; it also promotes optimal fetal position and facilitates labour. 


My Bellydance classes for pregnancy are suitable for all stages of pregnancy and are accompanied by Yoga, vocalisation, breathing and visualisation exercises. 



Dance involves body, emotions and mind. Because of it, it has the power to promote psychophysical well-being not only by strengthening the immune system through muscular action and physiological processes but also by conditioning the individual to moderate, eliminate or avoid tension, fatigue and stress. I firmly believe that dance has the power to heal trauma at every cellular level by activating psychophysical healing processes. 


Ecstatic dance is a form of movement and expression that encourages individuals to let go of their inhibitions and connect with their bodies and emotions through dance. The effects of ecstatic dance can vary from person to person, but there are some common experiences and benefits associated with this practice such as: emotional release, stress reduction, increased body awareness, enhanced creativity, improved self-expression...


My Ecstatic Dance sessions are often accompanied or incorporated within ceremonies and rituals. A mystical and profound experience.


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