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I am Irene, dance teacher, yoga instructor and holistic practitioner. I have spent the last twelve years of my life traveling the world, approaching unknown cultures and forgotten rituals. I have made the psycho-physical wellbeing of others, particularly women (cisgender or not), my reason for existence. 

My tools are many and constantly evolving, I move between the physical and spiritual planes depending on the aims and the different situations of those who, in one way or another, arrive to me. From Tribal Fusion Bellydance, to Iridology, from Yoga to Human Design, from an authentic and deep connection with the Cacao plant to Intuitive and Ecstatic Dance...

My work is gentle but intense. I like to go beyond the limits and dig deep. Letting go, expressing, transforming emotions, unlocking euphoric states and connecting to the source is the journey I am ready to share with you. 


I believe that the power to heal souls and connect with pure heart energy comes through (re)connecting with the body. Building, rediscovering, reprogramming or strengthening this harmony through different practices is my purpose. I am here to inspire you, to help you plant roots where the power lies, to guide you by assisting you to explore the physical body and beyond.


I started my career as a dancer and performer. Everything I do and offer is therefore influenced by creativity and music. Giving expression to emotions, finding the beauty in the expression of one, creating energy and letting it flow in an organic way inside and outside the body is the most powerful medicine to me. 


All courses are taught in Italian, English and Spanish. On-line and in-person. One-to-one and groups.



In one word I would describe my yoga proposal as extremely dynamic. I love challenging asanas as I love performing them with almost no stillness. Everything is modified and mixed up with other practices from pilates to dance. My proposal is very wide, open to everybody and personalised. I offer all levels of  intensity and work with kids same as with adults


All courses are taught in Italian, English and Spanish. On-line and in-person. One-to-one and groups.


My proposal is not only about the physical framework: if you are ready to work on more subtle levels, I am available to guide you through your personal (re)discovery of your higher self using a variety of holistic practices


In a holistic approach to health, the aim is to restore balance within the individual. It includes not only the physical body and its functions, but also considers the mind. It considers the health of our thoughts and emotions, which significantly influence a person's health and well-being.

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